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Resident Engineering & 8D Management

When it’s needed?

In the manufacturing environment especially in the Automotive sector as a part of quality management, many times manufacturers need a “Third Quality Eye “at their supplier or customer end, to coordinate quality issues on day to day basis. Catalydd has a strong foothold in assisting customers through its resident engineering services, by representing either at customer end or supplier end.

What Can Catalydd offer?

When it comes to Resident Engineering at the supplier end, Catalydd expert engineer can represent your supplier quality department at your supplier end. Coordinating day-to-day quality improvements based on PTD (Past Trouble Data), performing dock audits before despatches, following up and validating the 8D process, and also tracking the quantity despatch part.


When it comes to Resident Engineering at the Customer end, Catalydd expert engineer will represent your customer quality support department, at your customer end. Coordinating day-to-day line issues, aligning your plant quality to customer expectations, taking decisions in concern of customer and your plant for reworks and coordinating the rework, and ensuring 8D process compliance with your plant team.

Types of Resident Engineering Support:

Local Supplier Resident Engineer for Local customers

Local Customer Resident Engineer for Local Suppliers

Local Supplier Resident Engineer for Overseas Customers

Local Customer Resident Engineer for Overseas Suppliers

Case Studies:

Catalydd has represented 30 overseas suppliers at an American OEM in India.

Catalydd is representing Formel d China at Daimler India

Catalydd is also representing SEKISUI DLJM India at Stellantis, in Europe in four countries.

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