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Challenges of #Electric Bikes manufacturers and #Catalydd offerings

Anytime you google “challenges faced by #EV industry In #India “you will get a series of links to understand the issues, but most of those are related to the infrastructure, a life of a battery, fast charging, etc…so ultimately everything related to the actual use of the #EVS.

When we spoke to a few #EV manufacturers, especially in the #twowheeler segment and NON OEMS ..the one who has entered to mobility business first time through #EVs..the challenges seem to be different.

After analyzing this market for quite some time, our analysis says that going forward, there is likely to be more LEMS “Local Electric Mobility Solutions” in the #EV segment, especially in the #twowheeler #mobility segment.

What is LEMS and what are the challenges for the manufacturers, these are something we are going to talk about.

As the technology is shifting from IC Engines to #electricmotor ..major change coming up, in #twowheeler #Electricalvehicle Industry is, there are now local solutions available, which means non-conventional manufacturers are getting in #twowheeler #Electricalvehicle Industry. The names you never heard of are now rising stars in the two-wheelers #Electricalvehicle Industry and also, and they are capturing the market very fast, they are innovative, flexible, and adaptive to changes.

Though these non-conventional manufacturers are the talk of the day, they have many challenges, and those challenges are not talked about openly, for various reasons of confidentiality, unavailability of the right platform et.

One of the biggest challenges we heard, about is adopting the quality norms in manufacturing and developing the right quality of the parts at the right price and right time. It is really important to notice that all these non-conventional #twowheeler #Electricalvehicle manufacturers are competing against the conventional legends in the same industry, who has a very strong foothold in the #twowheeler industry for decades.

Many of the non -conventional manufacturers have hired employees in critical areas from conventional legends, but still, the results are not coming, either because, this is not enough or the legends have their own policies to counter …and poaching cannot be a long-term solution.

We at #Catalydd, are trying to help these LEMS providers, all those services with our strong foothold in the #Automotive industry. Let it be establishing processes, as per conventional #automotive standards, developing parts, establishing dealers’ networks or auditing dealers or sales channels or auditing #vehicles, or many other services in the field of #qualitymanagement of either process or parts.

#Catalydd training division is also equipped to provide, engineering training required for #employeedevelopment #employeegrooming.

If you are one of those Local #Electric Mobility Solutions providers and if you are facing these challenges, feel free to write us at, we will do handholding with your team and ensure alignment of required quality standards at desired processes. We know you are The Experts of the subject, but we can be a catalyst to speed up your processes.

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