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Localization Support For India

When it’s needed?

Localization Support: This is quite a routine need for many automotive tier1 suppliers to localize their imports. Many European businesses are now, also aiming to develop their global products locally in India. The make in India initiative has added flair to it. In such localization projects, customers need an extended arm like Catalydd, which can take care of such projects. This helps customers to avoid excess pressure of work on an existing team or adding new manpower for a temporary period.

What can Catalydd offer?

Catalydd has the expertise to take over such projects right from the reverse engineering stage or from drawings available, to do a market survey needed to look for local suppliers, conduct Techno-financial audits, help customers to select the supplier, and then coordinate the entire part development process, till first samples are approved by the customer.


As we support local customers to do localization of their imports, we also work on supporting overseas customers to look local supplier base and coordinate the entire development.

Localization Support

Case Studies:

Catalydd has been active with German customers to help to shift some products to India, as part of their India sourcing project


Catalydd has also helped many Indian customers with localizing their imports.

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