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START-UP and SME Business Support

Business Transformation Consulting (BTC)

Our BTC services mainly have two focuses with one domain of “business management”. First we guide/mentor/coach the start-ups and then we also help MSME sector to transform their business and grow further.

1) START-UP Business Support Services


When it’s needed?

India is one those top most countries where maximum number of start-ups are budding & this were Catalydd realized need of launching Business transformation consulting services to align the start-ups to mainstream industry.


Though thousands of start-ups being launched every year equal numbers are being shut down. The market research shows that most of the start-ups are shut down due to lack of strategic guidance to the entrepreneurs. The young generation of India has many creative ideas which leads to a dream start-up, but eventually they melt down due to the heat of real market scenario. Unique technology, efficient product though remains the foothold of almost every start-up, strategic business planning, fund management, market knowledge, competition mapping remains the weak areas for many start-up owners & this is where Start-up business support services are essential.


Catalydd through its reach experience of managing multi-product and multi-dimensional ventures, comes forward to guide these start-ups. In-fact Catalydd as a company with social responsibility, will request government to focus on promoting start-up business support services.

What can Catalydd offer?

We at Catalydd with our start up support services, do help the start-ups to map the business idea to actual business. We help right from strategic business planning, funds management, organisation development, competition mapping, sales& marketing and many other areas. We take weekly sessions to support the new business and guide the entrepreneurs on business strategies and teach them to organise their business. We definitely do handholding for some time, but our target is to make businesses self sufficient.


2) MSME Business Transformation Consulting


When it’s needed?

The MSME sector contributes to 27% of Indian economy and there are around 6.33 Cr SMEs there in India & this is the most unorganised and less “attractive to work” sector.


This data& Facts shows the importance of MSME sector in India and that is where we as Catalydd see an opportunity to contribute through our business transformation consulting services. Start-ups and SMEs are the fastest growing sectors in India, but due to a lack of professional business experience or in general experience (especially for young start-ups), both the sectors suffer a lot.


Most of these businesses are not aware of “how to organise & grow” the business. Most of these business are owner driven, where the owner handles everything single headedly. They generally have a brilliant technology products, average manufacturing set ups & below average business administration skills. So mostly they depend on 2-3 customers and though they have potential to grow, the do not grow.


This is where Catalydd comes in picture to guide them in organising business and growing it without adding much to business administration cost.

What can Catalydd offer?

Under this module, we help the MSME sector to transform various functions in the business. It could be a complete business transformation or a selective functional area. We work very closely with the top management /owners and with the handholding of the team, we work on transformation.


Many a times there are issues on succession planning, so under BTC we also help organisations to develop future leaders and nourish them to take over bigger roles and responsibilities. SO leadership coaching becomes an integral part of BTC services.

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