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Vehicle Management

When it’s needed?

In the event of right from launching a new car/any automobile to managing routine operations, many a time, OEMs need external support to ensure performance and the quality of the vehicle, being sent to the market. Vehicle management is a service portfolio of Catalydd under which, we serve OEMs for various requirements at the Vehicle level exclusively.

What Can Catalydd offer?

Catalydd can offer various service modules, which can ensure a third party control of the process through our experts

Vehicle Testing -Road Endurance and Testing track

Under Vehicle Testing module, Catalydd takes over a fleet of prelaunch stage cars /automobiles and runs those across all difficult terrains, weather conditions, driving conditions, and fuel types. Catalydd team run automobiles across the country right from Cherapunji (heavy rains), Manali/Ladakh (low temperatures /difficult road conditions), and Rajasthan (High temperatures/difficult road conditions), testing tracks like NATRAX.


Our expert drivers not only accumulate mileage but also FEEL the performance of the vehicle in different scenarios and report those.


Third-Party Vehicle Inspection (PDI)

Many OEMs nowadays prefer that the final inspection of the vehicle, either inside the manufacturing plant or at a stocking location, or for exports in dockyards be done by a third party. Catalydd team of experts manages such projects and ensures that the final quality of the vehicle is flawless.


This service can be performed at any location.

Case Studies:

Catalydd has performed vehicle testing of German cars in rough terrains and extreme temperatures like Leh/Manali

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