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Warranty Management

When it’s needed?

In the automotive industry for OEMs and certain part suppliers, it becomes a very crucial task to manage warranty claims. Though the software for warranty management can take care of the documentation needed to handle the warranty claim, there is no service available easily to work on the technical/physical side of the warranty management. Catalydd warranty management module helps customers to manage the warranty from the analysis and action side.

What Can Catalydd Offer?

The expert team of Catalydd can take over customer’s warranty management program at the source. We can map the warranty claims to real warranty or abuse of the products. We can also do a primary analysis of the warranty claim to identify which supplier part or in-house process is leading to the warranty claim. Once the source is identified, Catalydd other vertical teams can deep dive into those processes and help customers to reduce the warranty claims for the future.


Case Studies:

Catalydd has worked with several Tier1 companies to identify genuine warranty claims and further reduce those claims by working on processes.

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