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Electric Vehicle Support

When it’s needed?

The electric vehicle market is currently booming market in India, though there are only experienced OEMS in EV cars for two-wheeler EVs many new ventures have jumped into this market. For such a new venture who may not have a sufficient automotive background, many times an extended arm like Catalydd is required to address certain aspects of the business. Catalydd team having a rich background in the automotive sector becomes quite helpful to resolving many teething issues in the development, manufacturing, sales, and post-sales services.

What Can Catalydd offer?

All the Engineering Services as listed on website and additionally below mentioned services

Managing Service Centres

Catalydd’s experienced team can manage your service centres, from technical support to managing the administration of the service centres. Catalydd team can also maintain all relevant documents, manage information software, and add customer complaints, so overall management of service centre.


Audits: Sales/Service Network & Leased Vehicles

You might have already established a sales and service network, but considering the fierce competition, you might be looking for frequent audits of your sales and service channels to maintain and upgrade the performance. Catalydd experienced auditors can manage such audits with our experienced auditors.


Auditing the entire supply chain for defect-free supplies also remains one of the services.


For the companies having an EV Leasing model, Catalydd can support auditing the condition of leased vehicles in any part of the country.

Case Studies:

Catalydd has worked with many EV start-ups

to localize (develop part drawing, develop supplier, streamline supplies) imported parts,

audit leased out bikes

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