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Process Improvement (Six Sigma Driven Approach)

When it’s needed?

As the name itself indicates, many a time due to multiple variables in the process, the efficiency of the process derails and due to the dynamic environment of the automotive industry, manufacturers do not get time or fail short of resources for doing improvements in the process. Catalydd stands with the customer as an extended arm and gets into processes to improve those from the quality management side.

What Can Catalydd Offer?

Process improvement is neither a one-day job nor it’s done with a bunch of actions. It’s a systematic approach and Catalydd handles it mostly with the Six Sigma methodology. Catalydd expert makes a deep dive into customer process, forms internal teams, provides training on certain tools, and then starts working on process improvement. The program is generally with time-bound actions and results, which make it evident to customers if the improvements are aligned with expectations or not.

Process Improvement

Case Studies:

Catalydd has worked with renowned Tier1 suppliers in the automotive industry helping them not only to improve the efficiency of the process but also demonstrated substantial savings.

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