Creating Leaders Within…

“We need a new trainee, the old one has became CEO”………..This was a tag line of a brilliant advertise by one company for job openings. Really motivating for the employees already working with them and for the ones who want to join them. But today the reality is different. In the race of growing more than the market or more than the competition and having aggressive targets, the HUMAN factor of the business is missing and it has just left into talks and jargons.

In the so-called cutting-edge technology world, hardly a few companies are doing research work on developing human resources and training them so hard that, the company creates leaders, who create a bright future for the company…..

More than 60% of companies still hire CEOs or senior positions from the market, simply because they do not have the time, method, and knowledge to create leaders or CEOs inside the company.

Forget about creating leaders, Tower Watson survey says that 91% of companies struggle to attract talent and 75% of the companies find it difficult to retain the talent…nurturing the talent further and creating leaders is still like a dream to most companies.

In the race of growing more than the market or competition, we have forgotten that we need to help grow our employees also, beyond market skills & beyond competition skills. We have forgotten that our employees who have been working with us for so many years, have the knowledge and skill to grow the company.

I recently met the CEO of the company and asked him the result of one consultant they have appointed recently, he was a little fussy in sharing it, but finally, he said, “not much, but they helped to develop communication with my employees and I could find huge talent inside the company to solve the problems we have and now I know why employees are leaving us”, strange but the truth.

It’s time to look back and check the reasons, why till the late 90s the average employee retention used to be 10-14 years has gone down to 5-7 years ..The growing market is not the only reason. Somewhere we have lost the balance between growth and race, which is forcing us to focus only of the Money part of the business and the Human part is straight away ignored.

The simple method of business which we have been following in the past needs to be readopted …may be as it is and without much dissection through so-called market experts.

 Creating a healthy work environment,

Giving future growth paths to employees,

Extensive Training,

Recruiting the right candidates for the right job,

Avoiding excess stress in the work environment (stress management is a stupid word …We should work on creating an environment which will not create stress, why should we learn to manage something which is harmful?),

Reviewing packages and benefits frequently …

And most importantly, creating a work culture where the human aspect remains on priority and profit/growth becomes a byproduct …these could be some ways to create leaders/CEOs inside and not run in the market for them.

Employees are not only the resource but they are the soul of the business, the day we learn this …that day we start creating leaders and CEOs inside the organization …

Everybody should have a chance to be the CEO of the company…Lets give it to them.

I am not the master of the subject, though has done a lot of study on the same and these are my personal opinions, with no intention to pinpoint any particular management style.

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