It’s Always A Pleasure Dealing With You.

It’s Always A Pleasure Dealing With You.

In most of the business mentoring sessions, I hear one common thing from my clients “Irrespective of we close the deals or not, we are not able to establish a healthy relationship with the customer “.

True, that’s the problem we have, but we also have numerous opposite examples, where even without closing a single deal, for a long time, there is a very healthy relationship with the customer or let’s say, prospective customers.

While building customer relationships, we tempt to forget that, basically we all are humans, and irrespective of the position you are in, you will surely reflect all those human behaviors.

Some important tips, which I have learnt over the last two decades to build a healthy relationship with the customer…irrespective of whether you immediately gain business out of it or not are

1)Never forget that your “target” is a human mind and body and its behavior cannot be captured /predicted in any business plan or sales real with your customer, be human

2) Call/meet/text your customer …not only for season greetings and business inquiries but otherwise also.

3) One cannot be always at the receiving end in front of the customer, always expecting an inquiry or business. But one needs to “Give” some value-added information, which can help customer to improve their knowledge. Share new technology, try to help in some instances even without a business deal, and give some life-improving tips.

4)Help your customer to understand the current deal in a better way, if they lack some knowledge ..make sure, in the event, you don’t help your competition 😊 .

5) If there are mistakes in the “Deal document” by customers, proactively inform them, though those might be of your benefit. Don’t forget, soon or later they will know those. If they find it in the future, you look either a cheater or an ignorant.

6) Sometimes, you end up being superior to the customer in terms of business size or technology …avoid showing it off, they know it.

7) Sometimes your customer ends up giving you confidential information at a personal level …avoid encashing it in private or public to show off your sales skills.

8) Not every customer is as smart as you, help them to know their benefits before their manager does it.

There might be more tips on the topic and not all tips are suitable for every customer, but these are very basic tips which I followed, and most of the time I heard from the customers “It’s always a pleasure dealing with you”

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