Leadership In Personal Branding

Leadership In Personal Branding

I have been trying to study and share the philosophy of Branding …how Leaders develop a Personal Brand.

Irrespective of the product you are selling in the market or the ideas you are selling to your team …Personal Branding comes on priority …the way I understood.

Tata products are perceived by the Brand Ratan Tata(only simplicity and trust come in the mind ) , and Kingfisher is perceived by the Brand Mallya (only calendar girls and Beer come in the mind )that’s the Personal Brand value.

A brand is nothing but an Intersection of Perception and Reality . It’s the point, where what a Brand/ Leader tries to show as what he is and what he is actually ..meets up.

How a Leader creates Personal Brand?

1)Embrace your identity:

Let the people know, who you are and what you can bring to the table . Leaders are always direct, simple, and understandable.

2)Create perceivable value for others.

For a Leader, it’s important to create a brand, what others can actually perceive, and not only what the Leader feels is the best.

3)Grow yourself beyond money-making business.

Leaders are never only transactional. They try to reach out to people, also for sharing, serving, and learning rather than just earning.

4)Leaders Walk the Talk and Leaders Talk the Walk:

People do crosscheck the “Values of the Brand” leaders are projecting.

Leaders never go noticeably away, from reality while portraying the brand ..though some window dressing, is a part of the brand building process.


This is not all, to create a successful Leadership /Personal Brand ..but these are foundation principles which Leaders follow.

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