Love and Passion

“Don’t love your company, love your job”, is said by somebody sometime back …..I am not sure but many of the employees in most the organizations, got inspired because of this slogan and we can rarely see employees loving their companies….the result is long-term associations are missing.

I have been discussing with many CEOs, CHOs, COOs and most of them say, that it’s very difficult to find employees who love their company, who has passion to work for the company …most of the employees have different agendas to work for any company. In recent surveys, it was an effort to find out, how many employees really express love for their company …and no wonder hardly 10-15% spoke about it.

Somebody works for just money, somebody works for position, facilities, Somebody works for distance from house, Somebody works as there is no other option available, Somebody works as there is a freedom to misuse facilities, Somebody works for good career growth, good brand. But rarely somebody loves the company they work for.

This is actually creating problems for many company managements to get desired or optimum output. As there is no love and passion, everything is happening by follow up or demand. “this is not in my profile ”  “I have never done this before ” “what do I get if I do this ”….kind of statements are now often heard. Every company has become a stepping stone to look for better company and “that so called better” company does not exists.

If I grow, I am not happy as finally I am not compensated   …if my salary is good I am not happy because I don’t see my future path clearly if everything is good, there is too much of stress ……there are reasons being found to not to love company and for not being passionate.

I feel unless we don’t love the work place where we work and unless we don’t have passion to work …we cannot love our job and we cannot deliver what is expected. We spend almost half of our time in our work place and if we don’t love that or if we cannot love that …we cannot love anybody. We are expanding on global horizon, new companies are setting up their units in India, many job opportunities are open …but if we don’t love the company where we work and if we don’t deliver the best …I am doubtful about the future of these new set ups as well the future of existing set ups.

As there are efforts to bring new businesses and investments, I feel government, education institutions, HR forums, and business schools should put efforts to bring that love and passion in the citizens, who finally run these business.

If not today this could be a serious problem for tomorrow …jumping jacks are successful only in movies and not in business life ….hope we understand this soon.

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