Quality Management

Resident Engineering & 8D Management

Under this module, we place our expert engineers at your supplier end, perform sampling dock inspection, stock verification in case of containment actions, diagnosis of the issue and provide inputs for root cause analysis, documentation and train respective team members, We also take care of proper Fulfillment of 8D documents and actual implementation of same, for supplier quality problems.

Resident Engineering 8D Management

Firewall Inspection

firewall inspection

Third Party inspection is always preferred, as this is unbiased way of detecting flaws before they become Foe. Our team of experienced engineers, can take care of firewall inspection and ensureright level of components are dispatched and will provide daily analysis of rejections, which in turn will help to improve the processes.

QMS Implementation & Relocation

We do complete implementation of Quality Management Systems based on required standard, perform mock audits and extensive training of your staff. In case required, we not only implement the QMS, but can do day today management of same.

QMS Implementation

Process Improvement (Six Sigma driven approach)

Process Improvement

We do complete study of existing process and provide required suggestions for continuous improvement of the process with help of industry experts who have extensive experience in Six Sigma project implementations.

Warranty Management

Managing warranty from quality point of view is a big headache for  OEMs & Tier1 suppliers. We do a complete analysis of warranty, back tracking to suppliers/supplier processes, follow up on corrective actions through 8D approach and finally helping in reduction of warranty claims.

Warranty Management

Localization Support

Localization Support

We support in localizing imported commodities from quality management points of view, where we track the localization project, development coordination, PPAP, FPA. This helps customers to save their time, finish projects on time and achieve set targets of localization.

Productionisation & Ramp Up support

During new plant or new model or new product launch phase, we support our customers in terms of quality management of parts and process, till the ramp up phase and then handover to customer team for routine operations

Productionisation Ramp Up Support

Outsourcing of Quality Assurance


1)we constantly conduct a “Process Audit” of your processes to ensure that, in the event of production pressure or missing resources, the Quality Control function is not compromised


2)we periodically audit your procedures, formats and keep them updated with the latest version of the standard and latest processes changes.


3)We track layered process audits and create a platform, where all deviations/abnormalities are discussed and closed with permanent actions.


4)We also audit your Feasibility studies, PPAPs, APQP, FMEAs to ensure that all procedures are followed with the intentions for which those are designed and actions are in process.


5)We also “Audit “the “Training” process, where either the existing or the new team members are constantly “Trained” to deliver “Quality Controlled” products


6)We also “Audit” the “Process” of recording, monitoring, and managing the Cost of Poor Quality.


So in general we undertake the Quality Assurance function in a most effective, unbiased, and uncompromised way.

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