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Business Consulting  Services In India

When it’s needed?

Doing business in India is challenging, though with the changing times there is definitely some easiness. It’s not only about government approvals, but even managing business operations in India for overseas companies, who do not have full flagged entity in India is quite a task. In that scenario Consultancy services in India like what Catalydd offers, is a big relief for conducting business in India.


Unlike other consultancy services in India Catalydd comes with basket of services from business consulting services side and also from Engineering side.


Business consulting services are generally restricted to certain level and is not very handful when it comes to actual operations and that is where Catalydd with its unique approach of offering both consulting & engineering services under one roof, comes handy for the customers.


Catalydd is not the only consulting company in India, but definitely Catalydd is unique company who offers end to end solution to the customer. We also tie up with top business consultants in India, as many a times they are not able to provide all services under one roof.


Though we have standard listed services, we are still as flexible as possible through our network of consultants in India.

What Can Catalydd offer? 

Market Research & Feasibility

Company formation &Legal Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Talent Hunt

Business Centre Support

Local Directorship

Managing Sales/Service Teams

Laisoning with local customer

Local representation in any form.

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