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When Third Party Inspection Service Needed?

Many a time as a part of automotive parts inspection, manufacturers need an outsider service provider to inspect their incoming or outgoing parts in an unbiased way, to ensure that, they or their customers should not get defective parts, and internally management should know the real picture of the quality. Third Party Inspections service is also used at supplier end to ensure defect-free supplies.
The basic objective of automotive parts inspection by a third party is to have firewall at the end of manufacturing line, which not only prevents skipping of defective parts to the customer but it also develops close loop system, through which the manufacturing process gets value added data from third party inspection agency and they can work to improve the processes.

What Can Our Third Party Inspection Service Offer?

Catalydd is having rich experience in performing automotive parts inspection, with our team of young, dynamic, and knowledgeable engineers. We not only perform the third party inspection services but also provide the analysis of inspected parts with a defect matrix. In case of customer needs, we can provide data access through software and mobile application, to have centralized data with a single click.
These services of Catalydd are used by Many OEMs & Tier1 for their suppliers. Catalydd is also providing sorting services as an Containment action under same vertical. Our services are used by many overseas customers to support them in India, as Catalydd has very strong presence in Indian Automotive market

Types of inspections:

  • CSL1(Control shipment level1)
    Level I Controlled Shipping is an inspection process to detect nonconformities, and also includes root cause analysis, possible corrective actions according to the results and a verification process to determine the effectiveness of the corrective actions by inspection


  • CSL2(Control shipment level2)
    Customer appoints Catalydd for 200% inspection fr limited period with severe controlled shipping.


  • GP12
    The GP12 Early Production Containment service is a quality action focused on the containment of nonconforming products, functioning as the last filter on the production lines, guaranteeing 100% detection of defective.


  • Pre-dispatch (PDI)
    PDI is though generally used in parts Inspection, Catalydd is also having expertise in vehicle PDI, to ensure that dealers receive defect free vehicles.


  • Visual / dimensional / functional
    IN all segments of inspection Catalydd has Strength in all types of inspection like visual/dimensional/functional. The inspection teams are selected accordingly and trained accordingly.


  • CMM(Early production Containment )
    For the customer who are manufacturing dimensionally critical components, CMM inspection becomes helpful to have early detection of defects and Catalydd does a complete project management for CMM inspection projects.


  • Incoming Inspection
    Catalydd is preferred service provider for incoming inspection of supplier parts, we not only inspect the parts but we also take over inward stores as a function which has material management and inspection scope.


Number of Customers served: More than 60
Number of Parts inspected: More than 3 million

Case Study

Catalydd has provided third-party inspection service for a UK-based automotive giant JLR, for their suppliers in India. All the parts are being inspected by the Catalydd team before those parts are exported to the UK.


Catalydd also provides traceability and analysis of rejections, which helps the OEM and T1 suppliers to take action on the processes generating rejected parts.


Key Differentiators

  • We have superior technical expertise
  • Tailored Third party Inspection
  • Specialized and qualified Third party Inspection service
  • Detailed inspection reports delivered
  • Provided high quality Third party Inspection services across the globe.
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