Softskill Training, Is it need of the time? No its needed all the time

Softskill Training

Before the Pandemic, there was already a less focus on soft skill training by organizations, and post-pandemic it has gone to the bottom, under “cost-saving”.

But historically it’s proven that without, soft-skills the domain skills do not flourish.

Some of the clear benefits of soft skills

1)Increased productivity
2)Stronger teamwork
3)More effective leaders
4)Improved retention of top talent
5)Reduced turnover
6)Improved employee morale
7)Stronger, more effective interdepartmental communication
8)Improved consistency in output, productivity

Our soft skills training division head Vidisha has recently conducted a brief session on soft skills, which is a kick-start of a series of sessions coming up for the next 2 years, for one of our esteem clients and the response is visible

Initially, there was hesitance and then there was overcrowding to discuss /debate/understand…improve.

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