Be Experimental, Don’t Hesitate

As a part of my “Experiencing The Youth Intelligence ” initiative, I always participate in the interview processes of young talent.

Over the period of last two decades, the drastic change I am observing is that, though this generation talks a lot about taking challenges in life, they are very scared of doing experiments in their career (professional or academic) and facing unpredictable situations …which in a corporate world is called as “out of box thinking “…experimenting with the life. Let it be jumping in a river instead of a swimming pool or let it be selecting an education stream, which is not well known but of your own interest, or getting into a job profile that is totally new…everywhere there is a ” law” being followed to select options and that is being understood as “success”. I also hold parents responsible to some extent, for grooming their kids with such “stigmas”. As a young student or professional, on the path of leadership, it is very important to keep experimenting with life. I was always taught by my bosses ..” if you want different results , you must try different ways”

A young, enthusiastic student, must start thinking at a very early age about this aspect of Leadership and keep experimenting.

Leaders always finds new ways of managing their business or life, by experimenting and that surely keeps the environment & results dynamic.

Train To Perform

Post-Pandemic, most organizations are cutting Training Costs either completely or partially and this is going to be “More” dangerous. When we use the word “more”, it’s a relative comparison with the past …as in the past also many organizations, were not giving adequate importance to the training.

While discussing with around 20 CEOs in the industry, they reviled an interesting fact that as a leader of the business they are keen to get their team trained on various topics and skills, but when it comes to the actual effectiveness of the training, the average rating given by most of them was 3, on the scale of 1 to 10 , 10 being the highest. This is not shocking, as because of this, most of the time, in any crucial situation, the first cost every company cuts, is Training & Development cost …as the Tangible, results are not seen.

When the same topic was discussed with HR leads, most of them confirmed that “they arrange all those trainings, which management approves “and only 20% agreed that they even track the “Effectiveness”.

When the same topic was discussed with the Trainers, they gave similar feedback “generally there is no demand on effectiveness monitoring/support and most discussions are happening around man day rate” and “Only 15% of companies found to be demanding effectiveness monitoring/support”

We cannot blame anybody, as everybody has their own priority and the environment has been created like that for donkeys of years.

We at Catalydd are coming up soon with the Training Division, where performance monitoring will be an integral part of Training. We will take up only those assignments where we will be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the training. Coming up soon with more details

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