Be A Leader to Make Difference

I am very happy to announce that I have completed initial mastery of John Mattone’s intelligent leadership executive coaching. John has been a coach for “Steve jobs” in his crucial years and it’s actually a proud moment to get coached by “The John” himself . Though leadership coaching is something I have been doing for several years informally, this brings sharpened of my skills, by getting such important formal certification.

Leader is one who is able to see what others are not able to see and leadership is not you asserting yourself over somebody, but being able to harness everybody’s aspirations and make it happen (Jaggi Vasudev ) . Leadership need not be only for running a business, but it’s required everywhere, being a student, wife/mother/father, sportsman, spiritual guru, shopkeeper, and housekeeping cleaner …everybody needs to acquire leadership skills to make a difference in whatever we do.

I have been in the industry for the last 23 years heading various organizations. While I was busy leading organizations, I came across numerous employees, suppliers, and coworkers whom I felt many times that they had huge potential to grow and succeed, but as they were seriously lacking leadership qualities or there was nobody to guide them on the path of leadership, they had a huge struggle in their life.

I was fortunate enough to get guided/mentored by many authorities and I am grateful to all of them for teaching me, guiding me, and mentoring me on various important aspects of life.

Similarly, I have been passing on this knowledge to all, whom I came across and I am planning to do it more seriously and rigorously.

Leadership coaching is not my bread and butter and I don’t look at it majorly from earning source point of view, but sharing experiences and helping others to progress on the path of leadership is my passion and I am open to participating in the process of sharing and learning with individuals as well organizations.

Finally, in whatever role or business we are in, the well-being of humans should be the ultimate goal.

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