The new Mantra for Being Quality Leader

Quality Assurance Outsourcing: The new Mantra for Being Quality Leader in The Industry

Quality Assurance Outsourcing: The new Mantra for Being Quality Leader in The Industry

The existence of Quality Management Systems has traces since the early years of the 19th century. Over the period of time Quality control has evolved dramatically and now at a broader level, we see it has two aspects, Quality control, and Quality assurance.

We strongly believe that Quality control is not “somebody else’s ” function, but the one who produces must ensure Quality control. This ultimately means the production department must take care of the Quality of the product they are producing.

Quality Control is not an impulsive process and it follows a lot of rules, procedures, standards, methods and the basket of all this constitutes “Quality Management Systems”, the function which keeps doing “Process Audit” of the Quality Control function and keeps mapping the adherence of procedures to the standards, under the umbrella of “Quality Assurance”.

 But Quality assurance is an “Audit” function and we know that the process owner, cannot be the Process Auditor, and hence the development of the separate Quality function, Quality Assurance, evolved, in the process of the Industrial revolution.

 By now most of the industries have separated Quality control and Quality assurance function, but the effectiveness is still missing, as both are controlled by the Same “Business operations”. Many businesses have kept reporting of the Quality Assurance function to the senior management, most of the time to the plant heads and in some cases to the CEOs. But these big positions are many times busy with strategic issues and then Quality assurance gets ignored or compromised.

Nobody in the organization deviates Quality Control process or for that matter any standard processes intentionally, but most of the time due to the business environment, customer pressures, missing resources, the Quality Control function is compromised, even with the presence of Quality Assurance function.

 This is where Catalydd Engineering, comes into the picture, where we take over the Quality Assurance function in your business and the function reports to our “project manager “and our “project manager” reports to the senior functions in your business.

What do we do?

1)we constantly conduct a “Process Audit” of your processes to ensure that, in the event of production pressure or missing resources, the Quality Control function is not compromised

 2)we periodically audit your procedures, formats and keep them updated with the latest version of the standard and latest processes changes.

 3)We track layered process audits and create a platform, where all deviations/abnormalities are discussed and closed with permanent actions.

 4)We also audit your Feasibility studies, PPAPs, APQP, FMEAs to ensure that all procedures are followed with the intentions for which those are designed and actions are in process.

 5)We also “Audit “the “Training” process, where either the existing or the new team members are constantly “Trained” to deliver “Quality Controlled” products 

 6)We also “Audit” the “Process” of recording, monitoring, and managing the Cost of Poor Quality.

Catalydd is very strong in managing Quality Assurance function and our experience with our customers tells us that, outsourcing of Quality Assurance function is giving, huge benefits to the Industry. In the elusive environment of Cost-saving, this may initially look like a little extra cost, but the return on the invested extra cost is very quick, and long-term benefits are incomparable.

 For Small and medium-sized businesses, we take over the entire “Quality” department, to ensure that the knowledge, performance, and resources gaps are taken care effectively.

Your business is to Develop and Sale the products in the most efficient way, our business is to help you to focus on that, without worrying about the “Quality” part of it.

Article Written By- Dr. Sagar Kulkarni



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